Step-by-Step Instructions to Reformat an Acer Laptop

By Ty Arthur

Reformatting your laptop's hard drive is the process of deleting all the existing data and returning the entire system back to the original factory settings. Over time, your Acer laptop may perform slowly or may accrue annoying virus files that make it hard to use the operating system. Going through the reformat process fixes those problems and gets the laptop working at normal speed again. Acer laptops include a program for reformatting the hard drive directly from the operating system without having to use a separate recovery CD.

Step 1

Close each program or file open on your Acer laptop, including any firewall or anti-virus software. You may need to right-click your anti-virus tool's system tray icon and choose "Exit" to close it.

Step 2

Access the Windows "Start" menu and navigate to the "All Programs" folder. Scroll down and click the "Acer" folder.

Step 3

Click "Acer eRecovery Management." Type your recovery management password in the text box and click "Next." If you haven't created a password yet, there will instead be two text boxes. Type the password you want to use in both boxes and click "OK."

Step 4

Click the "Restore" icon. Depending on your Acer model and the version of the eRecovery Management software you are using, the icon may be located at the left end of the window or at the bottom of the window.

Step 5

Click the "Restore System to Factory Default" link at the top of the screen. Choose "Yes" to confirm you want to reformat the laptop's hard drive and reinstall the operating system.

Step 6

Wait for the laptop to restart and follow the directions on the screen to choose your new operating system settings.

Tips & Warnings

  • Acer laptops come from the factory with two partitions on the hard drive, which are usually labeled "C" and "D." The data you store on the "D" drive won't be deleted when you reformat the computer, which lets you reinstall the operating system without losing all your data.
  • If you only want to restore specific programs or drivers that were loaded with the Acer laptop, choose the "Reinstall Drivers or Applications" link instead of "Restore System to Factory Default." Click the name of the application you want to reinstall and follow the directions on the screen.