How to Sync an Outlook Calendar With the Android

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If you have a Google Gmail account set up on your Android phone, you can use your account information along with Google Calendar Sync to synchronize Microsoft Outlook Calendar. You'll need to download and install the free software application on a Windows computer. Currently, Microsoft Outlook versions 2003, 2007 and 2010 are compatible with Google Calendar Sync. Check to make certain that your Microsoft Outlook version, and Windows computer are compatible with Google Calendar Sync.


Step 1

Turn off any syncing applications that you have synced to Microsoft Outlook Calendar on your computer.

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Step 2

Open your Web browser. Type the following URL address in the search field and press the "Search" button.



Step 3

Click the "Save File" button when the pop-up box appears on your desktop. Double-click on the Google Calendar Sync installer icon and follow Windows' installation instructions.


Step 4

Double-click on the Google Calendar Sync icon to launch the application, if it doesn't automatically open.

Step 5

Open the Web browser on your Android phone. Type the URL address, "" in the search field. Click the "Search" button.


Step 6

Type your Gmail email address in the "Email" field. Enter your password in the "Password" field. Click the radio button next to "2-way" to sync Google Calendar Sync with Microsoft Outlook Calendar. Enter a number in the blank "Sync every ..." minutes field to set the sync interval minutes. Click the "Save" button.



Step 7

Check the lower-right side of the taskbar on your computer. Right-click on the Google Calendar Sync icon. A drop-down menu will appear on your desktop with the following options, "Sync", "Stop Sync", "Options", and "Exit".

Step 8

Select the "Sync" option from the drop-down menu. Google Calendar Sync and Microsoft Outlook Calendar will automatically start synchronizing your events information.


Step 9

Go to the Home screen on your Android phone and press the "Menu" button. Click the "Accounts" button. Select your Gmail email account from the listing. Click the "Sync Calendar" button.



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