The Best Music Share Sites

Music can be a solitary experience, but for many, music is a shared experience. Maybe it’s a music memory you want to share, or the exploration of something new. Social media makes this possible. Coupled with music streaming websites, your music can become a communal journey for your friends and followers. The best websites to share your music -- in terms of being user friendly and well-known -- are Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody, Rdio and iHeartRadio.


In addition to building nearly endless playlists, you can also share your favorite music. With Pandora, sharing is a matter of finding the station or the track you want to share. Select Share and you’ll have an option to share either the entire station or a single song via Facebook or Twitter. You can also personalize a message to your followers.


Spotify, like Pandora, is a music service that provides free music streaming. With Spotify, you’ll have to sign up for the service (and download) either the app on your smartphone or the desktop version for your computer. Select Share and you’ll find a few options; you can share your playlists on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr and write a message.


Rhapsody offers sharing through Facebook, Twitter or a RhapLink, which can be used to instant message someone, email or post your selection on a blog or website. Additionally, if you’re a Twitter user, Rhapsody utilizes Twitter’s Audio Card Technology, which allows your followers to stream full versions of the songs you share directly within their timeline.


With Rdio, you can quickly share any artist, song or playlist by clicking the share icon. This gives you the option to post your favorites either via Facebook or Twitter, or to embed the link elsewhere, such as on a blog. Customize your message to give your friends or followers some anecdotal background on the song you chose.


IHeartRadio features song sharing via Facebook, Twitter or Google+. After you have found the music you want to share, select the ellipsis (three dots next to the navigation buttons), which gives you three options: Add to Favorites, Tune Station or Share. Select Share, then find the social media account you’d like to use. You can personalize your post if you’d like.