The Best Place to Sell Old Cell Phones

Buying a new phone can be an exciting time. However, with the advent of the more expensive smartphones, scraping together money can be more essential than ever to paying for your new phone. Even if you are not upgrading expensively, having a little bit extra spending cash never hurts. There are many quick and easy ways to sell your old phone, ranging from commercial websites that will buy your phone quickly to selling it directly to someone else through an online auction or private sale.

Commercial Web Sites

Selling to a website is a quick and easy way to sell your phone. Depending on the model of your phone, it may give you more money than selling it to someone privately. With the more expensive phones, however, you would be better off selling it on eBay or Craigslist. For example, a Razr V3XX, a 3-year-old phone, would not sell for very much, if at all, on a private sale site. On a range of commercial cell phone buyer web pages, however, you can immediately receive anywhere from $7 to $25, a reasonable amount of cash for an old phone. A more expensive and newer model of phone, however, such as the original Apple iPhone with 8 gb, will fetch around $55 to $120, low compared with other venues that sell it. Out of the sites surveyed, seemed to give the most back for your phone. It consistently gave the highest buyout price and shows up at the top of a Google search. Many of their prices were comparable to what one might get for a price on eBay or Craigslist.


EBay may be able to net you more cash since it is an auction site, but may also leave you without a single bite or even with less cash than you wanted if you don't use a reserve or a minimum point of sale. Selling newer phones, such as the iPhone, on eBay can put much more cash in your pocket than can buyers from nonauction sites. An original 8 gb iPhone can be sold for anywhere from $125 to $200 or even more. The Razr V3XX we tested has the chance to sell as well, with some auctions already fetching close to $50. Others, however, were less lucky, with zero bids with less than a day left. Chances are that using eBay will net you the most cash for your old phone since you are selling directly to the buyer.


Craigslist allows you to name the price that you want for your old phone and see who is interested. More popular phones, such as the iPhone, will usually sell better than older phones, such as the V3XX, but it depends who is searching in your area. Since Craigslist is location sensitive, it is arguably the best route to sell your phone in an urban area. In less populated areas, eBay or would likely work much better for you.