The Best Way to Charge a Laptop Battery for Long Life

A laptop battery is one of the most important parts of a laptop, as it allows the laptop to become a mobile personal computer, giving you wireless freedom to work or use your computer just about anywhere. There are ways to care for and charge this battery to ensure it will have a longer life.

Train your Battery

When you first buy your laptop, unplug it and use it until it almost runs out of battery power. Then turn it off, plug it back in and charge it all the way back up. If you do this two or three times in a row at the beginning of your ownership of the laptop, your battery will be used to running down to very little power in a timely manner, as opposed to a battery that has never been run down that low and simply shuts off when it almost runs out of battery life. This will happen if the battery is not trained before you begin to use it regularly.

Prolong Battery Life

Another way to considerably prolong the battery's life is dimming your screen. Run only one program at a time when you are running your computer off source power, as other open applications will run down the power quite quickly. Generally go easy on what programs you are running off your battery power on your computer. Playing a DVD puts a lot of strain on your battery; running email or word processing applications is a lot easier on the battery.

Hardware Battery Upkeep

There are things that should be done physically to help prolong your battery's life as well. Keeping the vents on your laptop clean will help keep the entire computer cooler, which will allow it to run better and more efficiently. You can do this with canned air and certain cleaning tools you can buy at a computer supply store. Adding more RAM to your laptop will also help extend battery life, as it will allow applications and commands you give your laptop to happen quicker, making your laptop's battery provide less energy for simple tasks. And exercising the battery will also help. Don't leave a fully charged battery dormant for two to three weeks, as it will drain of power on its own.