The Best Way to Send a Mass Fax

Mass faxes are a recent trend in the faxing world. It has become possible to send faxes to more than one number at a time. There are two different ways to send mass faxes, but it can be hard to know which option is the best.

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Benefits of mass faxing

There are many different reasons why mass faxing is important to so many businesses. A mass fax can be used in-house to send a memo to several different business locations at once. Many businesses use faxing to advertise their business services. With a mass fax these processes can be completed at once rather than having to send the same information and fax to each number individually. Mass faxing also works great for invoicing. If the same invoice needs to be sent to several different people, then with a mass fax it can be sent to all of them at once. Mass faxes can also be used for sending more classified information. Mass faxes can be used rather than e-mail to protect sensitive information from prying eyes.

Fax modules

Certain fax machines come with the ability to send mass faxes at the same time. A database of all of the fax numbers is stored inside the machine and with a few clicks of a button it is possible to send a fax to all of the numbers at once. It is also possible for some fax machines to install an external module that will complete the same process. If you already have a high-quality fax machine, then using a mass fax module may be the best way to send a mass fax. However, if you have an older fax machine or do not have one at all, then this method of faxing mass faxes is not the best for you.

Internet faxing

In recent years more and more computer and mechanical processes have moved to the online world. Faxing is no exception. There are many online servers that are set up to handle faxing. Some servers work with existing external fax machines, but the majority work completely online with no external components. A fax gateway is used to send and receive the faxes, and you can view them online. Sending a mass fax is much easier with online faxing services. Once the numbers are keyed into the system, all you have to do is specify which numbers you want to send the mass fax to. Online mass faxing is usually the faster and cheaper way to go, which makes it the best option for mass faxing.