The Best Way to Send Large Email Attachments

By LizaK

Although attaching a document like a file or photo to an email is easy to do, sometimes your attachments are just too big. Your mail program won't let you attach them if they are too big, and sometimes, even if you get them attached, the email takes too long to send. On the other end, large attachments can clog up in-boxes and your recipient's email program may not allow large files. There are several easy ways to send large files and email attachments.

Step 1

Right-click on the file and choose "Send to." Click "Zip" or "Compressed "Zipped" Folder if it appears. Your computer will zip, or compress, the file to a much small size. You can attach a zip file in the same way you normally attach a regular file. You can even zip several files together in a folder to send more than one at once.

Step 2

Choose one of several different file-hosting sites or attachment sites, if your computer doesn't have a "zip" option or if your files are too big to zip. There are many services online from which to choose.

Step 3

Click on the file-hosting or attachment site of your choice and click "send" or "host" or "attach." Usually, you will need to follow a registration process. Some sites are free and some are not. Once you are set up, you can upload your file to the site, which will display it at a secure web link. You can then email the link to the person needing the attachment. They can view the attachment or download it from the site.