The Best Way to Send Photos Via Email

Sending photos via email is an easy and instant way to share them with family and friends. If you are having difficulty sending photos because of image size, connection speed, or format, there are ways to get around those roadblocks. Before you try to attach your photos, you have to know how to modify and send them to make sure they are sendable and receivable.

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Formatting Your Image Correctly

One of the main reasons recipients can't view photos is the format the photos are saved in. There are many types of file extensions that could follow your picture's name. Change your photo to a .jpeg rather than a .bmp, .gif, .pcd or .tif. JPG is a universal file type that anyone can view. To do this, right-click on the photo when viewing it in its file location, and select "rename." On the bottom drop-down menu, select jpeg or .JPG and type a new name in the box on the top or leave it the same. A window will probably pop up to warn you about the possible danger of changing a file extension. Click "continue," as changing a picture file to another picture format will not harm your file.

Image Size

Most email providers have a limit on email size. Most photos are larger than that when they are transferred from your camera to your computer. Check with your email provider on message size limits and attachment limits. To check the size of your image, right-click on the icon when viewing the file in its folder. Click on "properties," and the image size will be listed. If your image size is larger than your email size limit, you need to "resize" it before sending. To do this, open the photo with your photo editing software. Click on the word "image" on your toolbar and select "resize" from the drop-down menu. On the box that appears, change the percentage from 100 percent to a lower percentage, depending on your email size limit. If your email size limit is 10mb and your picture has a large file size that takes up most of that limit, or if you are sending multiple pictures, change the percentage field to 50 percent or lower. When you exit your photo editing program, save the photo under another name to keep the original intact.

Attaching The Photo File To An Email

When in your email program or account click on the word "new" or "compose." Type your message and recipient info as usual. Click on the "attach" or "insert" button to browse for the photo you wish to upload. Do this until you have loaded all of the images you want to send. After clicking "send," wait for the confirmation that the message was sent. It might take a few moments depending on your connection speed, but if you have gone over your size limit you will be notified. If you did go over the size limit, resize your image to fit within your limit.