The Invention of the Cell Phone

The initial development of wireless technology and the cell phone took decades to perfect. The invention of the first cell phone became the cornerstone of today’s modern communication methods.


The hexagonal cell technology that enabled the first cell phone to work was developed by Bell Labs. Hexagonal technology enabled cellular phones to be used while on the move by transmitting wireless signals from one tower to another which broadened the mobility range. Martin Cooper, who worked in the research and development department at Motorola, built a small radio telephone that worked in conjunction with this technology and created the first mobile cellular phone.

Time Period

The first cell phone was invented in 1973; however, the technology that contributed to the invention of the cell phone was discovered in 1947.


Before the invention of the cell phone, modular phones were either mounted in a car and required power from the car's electrical system or used a backpack power system to function.

Fun Fact

Martin Cooper made the first call on a cell phone in 1973 to a competitor at AT&T.

Famous Ties

Actress Hedy Lamarr helped patent a technologically advanced communication system in 1940 which laid the groundwork for mobile phone technology.