The Recommended Mounting Height for an LCD

By Orlando Bogue

Mounting a LCD television provides a different look to your home entertainment system. It can create more room in the room by possibly eliminating the television stand. When mounting the television to the wall the height must be considered to ensure a comfortable viewing experience.

Wall Mount

Determining the correct height to mount the television can depend on the type of mount being used. A titling wall mount will give you more installation options than a standard flush wall mount. A flush wall mount will not allow the television to be angled or moved and it stays fixed in place.

Mounting Height

Crutchfield recommends mounting the television with the center of the screen at your eye level when seated. It can also be a little higher than eye level but not by much when using a flush mount.

Mounting Height with Tilting Mount

Mounting the LCD using a titling wall mount gives you more flexibility as the angle can be adjusted for the television. The television can be placed higher if preferred and the screen then angled to allow comfortable viewing from a seated position.