Time Warner Digital Phone Service Instructions

Congratulations on your choice to take advantage of the Time Warner digital phone service. The Time Warner digital phone services offers an array of features not unlike those provided by traditional telephone carriers. These include call forwarding, call waiting, speed dial, voice mail and caller ID with anonymous call rejection.

Call Forwarding

You can forward your calls by dialing 72, listening for three short beeps and the immediately following dial tone, and entering the 7 or 10-digit number to where you wish your calls to be forwarded. To deactivate call forwarding simply dial 73 and wait for a deactivation tone.

Call Waiting

You will hear a "beep" tone when you are on a phone call and a secondary call is received. To place your original caller on hold and speak to the secondary caller simply press the phone's "flash" button or tap on your phone's switch hook. Repeat this action to return to the original caller. If you hang up on the secondary caller without returning to the original caller, and the original caller stays on the line, the phone will immediately ring. If you do not answer the secondary call then the secondary caller will be sent to your voice mail. If you wish to turn off call waiting dial *70 immediately prior to placing a call.

Voice Mail

Voice mail is available to Time Warner digital phone service subscribers for a small additional fee. If you have voice messages waiting on your digital voice mail box, you will hear a special "beep-beep-beep" dial tone signal when you first pick up the phone. You can retrieve these messages by calling your voice mail number and entering your PIN.

Speed Dial

You can program up to eight numbers as speed dial numbers by dialing *74, waiting for a stutter tone and pressing the digit which from 2 to 9 depending on how you wish to assign a speed dial number. After selecting this digit, enter the 7 or 10-number phone number (preceded by the number 1 if necessary) and wait for a confirmation tone. Your speed dial has now been programmed. You can enter the assigned number followed by the # key in order to use the new speed dialing functionality. If you wish to re-program your speed dial selections, simply repeat the process.

Three-way Calling

You can bring in a third party to an existing phone conversation by tapping the flash button, waiting for the dial tone, dialing the number of the third party, waiting for the person to answer the phone and tapping the flash button again. Tap the flash button twice to drop the third party from the call.

Caller ID and Anonymous Call Rejection

Your Time Warner digital telephone service should allow you to view caller ID through a standard caller ID system. If you do not wish to receive calls from anonymous callers, then dial 77 and wait for the confirmation tone. All anonymous calls will now be rejected. Dial 87 to reverse this selection.

Technical Assistance

Should you experience technical difficulties with your Time Warner phone, simply dial 611 to access the Time Warner technical support team.