Tips for Troubleshooting an Insignia LCD TV

Insignia LCD televisions are relatively inexpensive flat screen TVs that deliver high definition images and have all the capabilities of high-end flat screen televisions. When these TVs run into mechanical problems there are a number of troubleshooting techniques to try before calling a service technician to repair the set.

A number of troubleshooting techniques can be tried to fix glitches with Insignia TVs.

Bad Picture Quality

If the picture quality seems particularly poor, it may be due to a large amount of light in the room. If light is hitting or reflecting off the surface of the flat screen, it can dull the image or make it difficult to see. If there are windows in the room, install blinds and draw them to make it darker and see if the picture quality improves. Also, sometimes the quality of the picture is distorted when too many external devices are plugged into the television. Try unplugging these devices to see if the picture quality improves.

Control Button Failures

Like all televisions, the Insignia LCD flat screen has control buttons on it. From time to time, these buttons can stop working. While this could be the result of numerous issues with the television, troubleshoot the problem by unplugging the power cord, waiting a few seconds, and then plugging it back in. This will usually fix the problem.

Remote Does Not Work

Remote controls are relatively reliable but they sometimes break or stop working due to constant use and handling. The fix for this can be as simple as changing the batteries, but if the remote still is not working, there are a number of other troubleshooting techniques you can try before replacing the remote entirely. Try cleaning the remote sensor on the front of the Insignia LCD TV. If this is very dirty, it may block the signal from the remote. If there are bright or florescent lights nearby, they may also interfere with the signal from the remote to the TV. Try turning these off or moving the TV to see if the remote works.