Top-Rated Outdoor Security Cameras

Security cameras that are made for outdoor purposes need to be vandal-proof as they are potentially unprotected from intruders. They also have to withstand severe weather conditions. Top-rated outdoor security cameras as recommended by The Home Security Store and PCWorld feature infrared night vision to compensate for low visibility and have both day and night recording modes.

Close-up of security camera on exterior wall
credit: Jupiterimages/ Images

SVAT CV31B Outdoor Security Camera

The SVAT CV31B Outdoor Security Camera has 24 Infrared LEDs and offers high resolution. The camera’s casing is weather resistant. It can be connected to a TV, VCR or computer through an RCA jack connector. The light sensor in the camera switches on the infrared LEDs at night automatically. The camera features an anti-glare shield for bright sunlight and can record movement up to 45 feet away.

GVI BCDNIR Bullet Outdoor Security Camera

The GVI BCDNIR Bullet Outdoor Security Camera is a waterproof camera made to withstand severe weather conditions. It is completely submersible in water and salt-water resistant. The camera is equipped with eight LEDs, which record infrared night vision, and is equipped with a power supply so it can record 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The camera has a sun shield for extra protection.

DSC DCL480 Outdoor Infrared Color Bullet Camera

DSC's DCL 480 Outdoor Infrared Color Bullet Camera has a 40-foot infrared shooting distance for recording at night. The casing is built to withstand severe weather. An adjustable bracket is included for changing the angle and height of the camera, allowing a wider recording shot. It can be mounted on outdoor walls or rooftops.

Lorex 2-Camera Outdoor Security System

The Lorex Outdoor Security System utilizes two outdoor cameras which both record and send signals to a receiver. Infrared mode allows recording day or night. In good weather, both cameras can be placed up to 300 feet from the receiver to set up a wide perimeter. A microphone allows an audio channel to be opened between the two cameras and the receiver. A remote control is included with the system.