Troubleshooting a Proscan LCD TV

Proscan LCD televisions are found in millions of homes across the country. They offer a great value at an affordable price. As with any complicated electronic device, however, things can go wrong, and audio/video problems can be a headache.

Rule Out the Obvious

If your TV won't turn on, rule out the obvious. Make sure your TV remote is working. If it's behaving erratically, chances are it needs new batteries. Replace them by prying off the rear panel, removing the old batteries and inserting new ones in the same direction. Check the TV's power cord and ensure it's plugged into a working outlet or power strip. If your TV still won't turn on, your TV's power supply may be damaged. Call your local electronics repair shop or your nearest Proscan dealer and inquire about getting your Proscan TV professionally repaired.

Audio and Video Problems

Make sure your Proscan TV is turned up all the way and that its mute function is off. Usually, the mute function is controlled with the remote. More complicated audio and video problems are the result of bad cables or a weak cable signal. Check that the cables connecting your audio/video devices are plugged firmly into their proper inputs. If the cable looks worn or won't stay plugged in, replace it. If you're experiencing stuttering sound or image pixelation, check the signal strength or your incoming cable. A cable repairman can measure the strength of your cable signal and recommend adjustments to your system.


Always buy thick 75-ohm cables when purchasing new audio/video cables. These cables are less sensitive to electronic interference from other devices. When setting up your home cable system, avoid the use of splitters whenever possible. Splitters are handy when you need to run cable TV to different rooms, but it effectively cuts the cable signal strength in half. Splitting the cable once or twice is usually fine, but any more than that could invite picture and sound problems to your Proscan television and negatively effect your viewing experience.