Uniden Telephone Handset Programming Instructions

By Whitney Houston

The Uniden DCX150 telephone can be one of many handsets that work with a main phone station in your home or office. Add as many cordless handsets and bases as you need in rooms such as the bedroom, living room or kitchen. You might have questions about how to use the Uniden DCX150 with your other handsets and main base station. You'll want all of your phones working in tandem so you don't miss an important phone call.

Step 1

Turn the phone over and slide the battery cover off with your thumbs. Plug the wire from the rechargeable battery into the phone's connector (on the bottom left edge of the battery chamber) until it snaps into place, and lay the battery inside the chamber. Slide the battery cover onto the back of the phone until it clicks closed. Plug the small end of the AC power cord into the bottom of the charging cradle and the pronged end into an AC power outlet. Place the phone onto the charging cradle and allow the handset to charge for at least 15 hours, if you're charging it for the first time.

Step 2

Remove the charged handset from the charging cradle to reset the registration information before registering it to a main base station. Resetting the registration clears all previous information that might have been stored on the handset and its previous base. Hold down the "End" button (located on the right side of the keypad) and the "#" button simultaneously for five seconds, until you see the message "System Reset" appear on the display. Push "Menu/Select" (located above the "End" key) to choose "Deregister HS" from the options listed. You will see the question "Which Handset?" Use the up or down buttons to choose the handset ID to be removed from the list, then push "Menu/Select" to finalize your choice. Push the up button to select "Yes," and push "Menu/Select." You will hear a beep telling you the phone has been deregistered.

Step 3

Place the Uniden handset on the compatible base station (the station that houses your telephone line connection) to register it. The handset must be registered to the base before it can be used. You will see the message "Handset Registering" on the handset's display. The registration process is successful when you see the message "Registration Complete."

Step 4

Push the up or down button, while the phone is idle, to increase or decrease the volume using four levels. The up button will increase the set volume, and the down button will decrease it.

Step 5

Push the "ID" button (which doubles as the right navigation button) while the phone is idle to scroll through your call records. Enter a record in your phone book by pushing the "Menu/Select" button while the record is highlighted. Use the navigation buttons to highlight "Store into PB," then push the "Menu/Select" button.

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