20 Uplifting Netflix Movies that Will Take Your Mind Off of Politics

Because we could all use a break.

By Jill Layton

No matter what side of the fence you're on when it comes to politics, there's no question that this campaign season has been an intense one. For over a year, we've been bombarded with enough news stories, political adds and sound bites to make anyone to want it all to just stop. If only for a short time, America needs a break.

And what better way to tune out post-election news coverage than to watch Netflix?

Specifically, uplifting and heartwarming movies that will help make your angst-y feelings go away — even if only temporarily. So in case you don't have your Netflix streaming queue filled with feel-good flicks, check out the ones we've rounded up for you.

20. The Shawkshank Redemption


Warner Bros

OK, obviously the first couple of hours of this film aren't exactly uplifting, but it takes us on an inspiring, tear-jerking journey that leaves the audience wanting a friendship like Andy and Red's.

19. A Hard Day's Night


Universal Studios

Is there anything more uplifting than watching the Beatles run through the streets of London as they try to avoid mobs of screaming fans? Arguably the best pop music movie ever made.

18. Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Hello Giggles

Paramount Pictures

This movie was made four decades ago, but it's still one of the greatest and most quotable movies of all time. If anyone can make you feel better about life, it's definitely Bueller.

17. Big Daddy

Peaceful Century

Columbia Pictures

Adam Sandler is a pro at lightening the mood. The sweetness of this heartwarming father-son movie withstands the test of time. Dylan and Cole Sprouse's cute faces have brought immense joy into the lives of people everywhere since 1999.

16. The Odd Couple II

Paramount Pictures

The sequel to The Odd Couple is just as fantastic as the original. Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau are impeccably mismatched and have ridiculously incredible comedic timing together.

15. Coming to America

Entertainment Weekly

Paramount Pictures

Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall and James Earl Jones in the '80s give us life. Coming to America is a classic uplifting story that we could honestly watch over and over again.

14. Clueless

Paramount Pictures

One of the most beloved coming-of-age stories ever, Clueless won the hearts of an entire generation of young women. And the truth is, it still has our hearts.

13. What About Bob?


Touchstone Pictures

A wildly beloved ensemble masterpiece, What About Bob? is still one of Bill Murray's most classic films. Even though it's about a charming sociopath who drives his psychiatrist insane, steals his family and blows up his house — it's still happiness-inducing.

12. Forrest Gump

Entertainment Weekly

Paramount Pictures

This one's a no brainer. Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump takes us through historical moments, purely by accident. It's a story about a guy with a below average IQ who doesn't just believe he can do anything — he actually does it. And every second of it is brilliant and perfect.

11. The Wedding Planner

Columbia Pictures

There's nothing a solid J Lo movie can't fix. Mainly, because she's J Lo, but also because every movie she's ever been in has a happy ending. And happy endings are what we need right now.

10. What's Eating Gilbert Grape


Paramount Pictures

Leonardo DiCaprio shines bright in this film. It's not as tear-jerky as, say, Titanic, but it's just as heartbreaking in its own way. But where there's heartbreak, there's always a glimmer of hope.

9. My Father the Hero


Touchstone Pictures

A young Katherine Heigl passes Gérard Depardieu off as her lover to impress a boy while on a tropical vacation, which is clearly a strange thing to do. But oddly enough, this mid '90s movie still captures our hearts.

8. Houseboat

The Mad Movie Man

Paramount Pictures

Cary Grant and Sophia Loren on a boat... yes, please. This old-school Hollywood romance movie is about a dad struggling to reconnect with his kids when their mom dies, while at the same time falling for a runaway Italian heiress. They all end up confined to an old houseboat, and that's when things get all heartwarming and hilarious.

7. Practical Magic

She Knows

Warner Bros.

Sure, someone gets murdered in this movie, but the heartwarming family ties make that seem like not even a thing. And let's be real — he deserved it anyway. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman will make you want to be a witch. Maybe.

6. Hope Floats

20th Century Fox

After finding out on live TV that her best friend is having an affair with her husband, Birdee (Sandra Bullock) meets Justin (Harry Connick Jr.). Mae Whitman as Bullock's adorable daughter will help take your mind off of anything and everything.

5. Happy

Wadi Rum Productions

This documentary explores what makes people happy. The filmmakers went to 14 different countries to discover why some people are happier than others, and the results are, well, happy.

4. The Princess Bride

Princess Bride Forever

20th Century Fox

Pretty sure you already know how amazing this movie is. Why not watch it again? It's 98 minutes of pure nostalgia.

3. Working Girl

The Guardian

20th Century Fox

What better time to watch a movie about women, with amazing '80s hair, excelling in the workplace than right now?

2. Charlotte's Web


Paramount Pictures

Because sometimes all we really need is a solid kids movie with talking, lovable animals and the reassurance that everything's going to be just fine.

1. The Endless Summer

Monterey Home Video

This 1966 documentary offers the ocean, waves and a bunch guys traveling all over the world in surfing competitions. It's an ode to sand and surf, perfect movie to watch if you want to just (Netflix and) chill.

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