How to Use an SD Card in a Computer

By Alan Donahue

Secure Digital cards, commonly known as SD cards, are convenient pieces of storage that can hold a lot of data in a little amount of space. The cards are commonly used for digital cameras, but they can hook up and be used in computers as well. There are several things you can do with an SD card and a computer, all of them making it a little easier to read, transfer and store files.

Step 1

Purchase an SD card reader. Some computers already have them installed, but others require a simple USB plug and play connection. SD card readers are essential to reading and using the information, otherwise the SD card is pretty much useless.

Step 2

Connect a camera with an SD card in it. This is the only alternative to having a card reader. Using an SD card for this type of connection will allow you to transfer photos to and from the camera easily. Most computers will automatically download the pictures and save them to the hard drive.

Step 3

Use the computer to clear all of the pictures off of the SD card. Instead of going through menus on your camera, you can save battery life and delete the pictures from the computer. Simply access the SD card through "My Computer" and manually delete all of the pictures or format the card by right-clicking and pressing the "Format..." option.

Step 4

Plug the SD card into your computer and use as a back-up storage device. Load the SD card's root folder by double-clicking it in "My Computer." Simply drag and drop files into this folder in order to transfer them to the SD card. If the files are too large, then a prompt will tell you so. You can keep the SD attached to your computer for easy access or store it somewhere else for safe keeping.

Step 5

Use the SD card to transfer files from your computer to a Nintendo Wii. This makes it easy to download saved game files or Wii soft modifications like the Twilight and install them onto your Nintendo Wii. In order to properly transfer files you should have a SD card that is either 556 MB or 1 GB in size.

Step 6

Transfer files from computer to computer using the SD card. As a jump drive replacement, the SD card is smaller and cheaper in many cases. As long as both computers have SD ports, it is easy to transfer data.

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