User Guide for LG Phones

While large cell phone manufacturers such as LG offer a variety of phones with varying features, they generally use the same operating system on each phone. LG uses the LG proprietary operating system on most of its non-smart phone devices. As such, most tasks can be completed in the same way regardless of the phone model. You can follow the same steps to complete certain tasks no matter what LG phone you are using, so long as it is not a smart phone or equipped with a touch screen.


All modern LG phones have integrated Bluetooth technology. Essentially, this means the user can connect wirelessly to another phone for file sharing, to a hands-free car system or a mobile earpiece.

To set your device up for Bluetooth pairing, access the main menu (by pressing the “OK” button on most phones) and select “Settings & Tools.” In this menu, choose the Bluetooth menu and select “Add a New Device.” If your Bluetooth is currently turned off, the phone will ask your permission before enabling the feature; if this dialog appears, simply select the “Yes” option.

Once Bluetooth has been enabled, the phone will search for any Bluetooth device within 30 feet and it will appear on the screen. Highlight the device you wish to connect with and press the “OK” button. You will then be asked for your security password (the default password is “0000”) before the connection is complete.

Transferring Contacts

One major benefit of Bluetooth technology is the ability to transfer data from one device to another quite easily. With LG’s contact syncing abilities, you can easily share contact information with a friend, transfer your contacts to a new phone or sync your address book with your computer.

Access the contacts menu and highlight the contact you wish to transfer to another device. Access the options menu for the contact (by pressing the right key on most LG phones) and select “Send Name Card,” then choose “Via Bluetooth.” At this point, you can scroll through your address book to choose which contacts you wish to transfer. Press the “Done” button when finished. A menu will now appear listing all the Bluetooth devices within range; select the appropriate device, enter your password if necessary and press the “OK” button to begin the transfer of contacts.

Three-Way Calling

LG devices are capable of making three way calls, but be sure to check with your cell phone service provider before doing so, as it may result in additional charges. To set up the conference call, enter the phone number of your first contact (or choose their name from the contacts menu) and press the “Send” button to begin the call. Once you are connected with the first party, place them on hold by pressing the “Send” button again. You can now call your second contact. Once you are connected with the second contact, you can press the “Send” button once again to combine both calls.