Uses of MS Powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is an industry standard for creating slides that go with presentations. Educational, corporate and religious organizations, among others, can use PowerPoint as a tool to convey visual information in an easily digestible format to individuals or groups. Presentations may be shared on an overhead projector, via email or removable media or shown on a computer. The uses for PowerPoint are limited only by the imagination.

PowerPoint is the undisputed industry leader when it comes to presentations.

Church Services

PowerPoint presentations are frequently used to set a spiritual tone during church services, and can assist a congregation with hymn lyrics, Bible scriptures, graphic elements or photographic images to illustrate a sermon. Important announcements for upcoming events can be shown before or after each service to keep the congregants informed. Church personnel can design a unique theme for specific holidays or religious celebrations, or utilize one of the many online companies that specialize in creating stock slides or looped-motion graphics. PowerPoint presentations for church use may be projected on one or more screens, depending on the shape and size of the sanctuary.

In the Classroom

PowerPoint can be used in an educational setting to teach a lesson or concept or to present information or a procedure to students in a workshop or seminar. Students can view a PowerPoint presentation individually or share a computer with others. They can also present book reports and other homework assignments on PowerPoint slide format. PowerPoint can help keep parents informed with updates at open houses and other parent/teacher events, while teachers can enjoy the ease of use at which PowerPoint presentations can be recycled. This is handy for those lessons that a teacher may use every year.

Electronic Portfolio

Designers and artists who wish to showcase their work to garner new clients or interest in their art can use PowerPoint to create a cohesive and polished electronic portfolio. A slide can feature a single visual image or multiple graphics. An electronic portfolio can also be sent via email, as opposed to pre-electronic days when an artist or designer would have to create a printed portfolio and drop it off or schedule an appointment for viewing.