Walkie-Talkie Instructions

By Zach Dexter

Two-way radios, or "walkie-talkies," can be extremely useful in situations where a group of people need to communicate with each other rapidly in order to coordinate their activities. They can also just be a lot of fun. If you've ever played with these devices as a child, you probably understand the basic concept, but you might not be familiar with some of the finer points.

Step 1

Hold down the "Power" button until you hear sound, indicating the walkie-talkie is turned on. It is now in "Standby" mode, and will accept incoming transmissions.

Step 2

Press the "Hi/Low" button to select a high, middle, or low band of frequencies.

Step 3

Press "Channel Up" or "Channel Down" to adjust the frequency on which the unit broadcasts transmissions. For one walkie-talkie to communicate with another, they must both be set to the same frequency channel.

Step 4

Press the "Light/Max Range" button to turn off auto squelch. This slightly extends the maximum range at which the other walkie-talkie's broadcasts can be heard. Hold "Light/Max Range" until you hear two beeps to extend the maximum range even more.

Step 5

Press the "Call" button to alert the other walkie-talkie unit that you are calling.

Step 6

Hold down the "Talk" button and speak in a normal voice, with the walkie-talkie just a couple of inches from your face. Release the "Talk" button when you are finished.