Ways to Block a Wi-Fi Connection

By Nicholas Smith

Wireless networking allows the convenience of accessing the Internet (and your home or office network) without a physical connection to the network. For example, you can use a Wi-Fi router to connect laptop computers, containing wireless cards, to a Wi-Fi network. You can also block other users from accessing your network by disabling the router's broadcast function, creating a Wi-Fi password or blocking specific computers. You can also ensure that your computer connects only to preferred Wi-Fi networks.

Prevent Your Router From Broadcasting

When you connect your wireless (Wi-Fi) router, it broadcasts the router name--or SSID--every few seconds to computers within the wireless range. This allows "foreign" computers and other devices (such as mobile phones) to connect to it. This, in turn, reduces the amount of bandwidth available to you. You may disable broadcasting by accessing your router's wireless settings and selecting the "Disabled" function. You may also change your SSID.

Connect To 'Preferred' Networks

When your wireless connection is enabled on your computer, it may automatically attempt to connect to any network in range. You can block your computer from connecting by selecting preferred Wi-Fi connections. To complete the process, you merely need to access your computer's "Control Panel," browse to your "Wireless Network Properties" and remove networks that you do not wish to connect to.

Encrypt Your Connection

If you host a Wi-Fi network, you may block others from connecting to your network by creating an encrypted password. To encrypt the connection, access the router's wireless security settings and enablesthe connection titled "WPA-2," "WPA2 Personal" or "WPA2 Enterprise." You will need to have the encrypted password handy to access your network on each computer that you wish to connect to the network.

Block a Specific Computer

If you know the MAC (media access control) address of a user, you may enter it into your computer and block her from accessing your Wi-Fi connection. You can choose whether to allow only certain MAC addresses, or you can block specific MAC addresses. Access your router's wireless MAC settings to enable or disable the filter and choose between "Permit Only" or "Prevent" options.