Ways to Check How Many Megabytes You Use on a Phone

By James Price

Many of today's phones can access the Internet. With owning these phones, service providers require that you have a data plan to fully make use of the phone's features. While some companies offer you an unlimited data usage plan, other carriers may offer you a limited plan. These plans will give you a certain amount of data usage at a flat rate, with overage charges if you use more than you have been allowed. To avoid these charges, it is important to know how to check your usage and keep track of it.

From Your Computer

Most carriers will allow you to check your data usage from your computer. To do this, you must first create a user name and password for managing your account on the carrier's website. After you create your account, you can look up the data and minute usage for each line on your account, as well as change certain features.

From Your Phone

Many carriers allow you to check your data usage by dialing a special number from your phone. By dialing this special number from your phone and pressing the "send" key, it will automatically relay the information back to your screen. This number may differ from carrier to carrier, and the easiest way to find this number is to look on the carrier's support page, or to call your local retailer to obtain the information.

From an Application

Some carriers will install an application on your phone to allow you to monitor your account usage. This application allows you to pay your bill, upgrade your handset and monitor usage. By accessing this application, you can easily check your usage at any given time. Such an application can be found on both smart phones and feature phones, depending on the carrier.

From Customer Service

If your carrier does not allow you to check your usage through an application or a calling code, you can often contact customer service to find out your usage. By dialing 611 from your phone, you will automatically be redirected to the customer service department. Depending on your carrier, there may be a prompt that you can select in order to check without talking to a customer service representative. If not, follow the voice prompts until a representative comes on the line. She will be able to provide you with your usage statistics.