"We Are Having Problems Connecting to the Download Server" in Skype

By Michael Cox

Installing Skype is normally a simple process, but sometimes network issues or other problems cause a new installation or update to fail. Although the Skype updater displays the error message "We Are Having Problems Connecting to the Download Server," it still may be possible to install the latest version of Skype.

Server Error Messages

During the installation or update process, the Skype installer may contact the server to download the appropriate Skype files for your computer. The message "We Are Having Problems Connecting to the Download Server" appears when the Skype installer fails to make contact with the server. This can happen for a number of reasons, including server outage, poor computer connection to the Internet and browser configuration problems.

Installer Troubleshooting

If the error occurs during a manual or automatic Skype update, you may try instead to download the full Skype installer and use it to upgrade the program, or try installing an older or beta version. If you use Windows, you may also try downloading and installing the Skype for Business version of the software, which you can use with your personal Skype account. These alternate versions of Skype are available from skype.com.

Computer Troubleshooting

Some problems may stem from your computer's Internet connection, which may cause problems with the installer download or server connection. Try downloading the Skype installer with a different browser, and clear your browser's cache. If you're using Windows, delete your temporary Internet files. You might also temporarily disable any firewall or antivirus software to make sure it isn't interfering with the installation process. Be sure to enable the software again immediately after you install Skype.

Server Problems

Occasionally the Skype download server may be unavailable due to an Internet outage, maintenance, excess traffic, DNS issues or other problems. In such cases, continue to use your installed version of Skype if possible until the server issue is resolved. If the program has been damaged in the install process you should reinstall Skype by downloading the installer from skype.com.