What Are the Internet Options for DirecTV?

There are two ways to get high-speed Internet delivered to your home through packages offered by DirecTV. Many cable television companies have the capability to offer high-speed Internet services to their customers through existing infrastructure they control, e.g. fiber-optic cable lines. Because DirecTV does not have the existing infrastructure of a cable company, it uses other methods to deliver high-speed Internet to its satellite television subscribers.

Satellite TV
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DSL Service through DirecTV

DirecTV partners with several phone service companies in order to provide high-speed DSL Internet service to customers. The partners include Verizon, AT&T, Qwest, CenturyLink, Cincinnati Bell, TDS Telecom and Windstream. For DirecTV customers who have access to land-based phone line services through any of those partners, DirecTV offers a DSL Internet package to its customers that uses services provided through those partners. The bill a customer pays for the service is included in the DirecTV bill, and the cost for the service is cheaper than if the DirecTV customer received it directly from the company providing the service. For instance, the amount of money a Verizon customer pays for Internet service is likely to be more than what a DirecTV customer pays for the same service.

Satellite Internet

For DirecTV customers who don't have access to land-line phone service offered by any of the DirecTV partners - and are still determined to get Internet access through DirecTV - the satellite company has another package available that provides the service. This second option provides Internet via DirecTV-installed satellite dishes. It is generally more expensive than DSL service, but it does not require phone lines to operate.

Acquiring Service

Regardless of which Internet service a DirecTV customer wants from his satellite television provider, getting it in many cases will require a visit from a technician to install it. For someone who orders DSL service through DirecTV, the company many times will send a technician to the person's home to install it. In some instances, the partner company will mail the new modem to a customer's home and allow the customer to install it. In the event a customer orders satellite Internet, a technician will most certainly be sent to the home to install the necessary equipment. This service usually requires installation of a new satellite dish separate from the dish or dishes used to intercept digital television signals from DirecTV satellites.