What Are the Main Parts of a Spreadsheet?

A spreadsheet is a grid, like a paper ledger, made up of columns and rows. But unlike a paper ledger, spreadsheets are on the computer and have more components and functions.



The horizontal strips of the spreadsheet are called rows. They are identified by number at the far left hand side of the spreadsheet. This is called the row header.



The vertical strips of the spreadsheet are columns. They are identified by letters across the top of the spreadsheet. This is called the column header.



The point where the rows and columns intersect is called a cell. To activate a cell, simply click on it.

Formula Bar


Data or formulas can be entered directly into the active cell or entered into the formula bar. If you click on a cell that already has data in it, the formula used will show in this bar.

Name Box


The name box is located at the upper left corner before the formula bar and lists the location of the active cell you are working on.