What Are the Problems With Using Magic Jack?

Some consumers looking to cut their long distance expenses have signed up with Magic Jack. As of 2010, the initial cost is $40. The subscriber will then pay an annual fee of about $20. To access the service, you need a PC with a broadband connection. The compact device, which can be used with any phone, plugs into your USB port. The other side plugs into your phone. The service may be convenient and cost effective, but there have been problems reported, mostly involving sound quality.

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Talking on phone.
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Sound Problems

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Unplug and replug to test sound.
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Magic Jack's sound problems on received phone calls can be solved by simply unplugging it from your system. Wait a few minutes, then reinsert the device into the port and wait for it to reload.

Internet Problems

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You may encounter internet problems.
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You may experience problems using the system due to a slow Internet connection. This issue can wreak havoc on your phone calls. The slower the Internet connection, the more problems you will experience making and receiving phone calls. Make sure you have the highest speed Internet possible to avoid this issue.

Out-dated Software

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Update software.
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Many problems using Magic Jack can be resolved by updating its software. If you experience any problems, check the website on a regular basis for upgrades and follow the instructions.