What Do CC: & BCC: Stand for in an Email Program?

Email programs come with several helpful features. Two features are the CC: and BCC: fields. They can each be useful when you want to send an email to more than one person.

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CC stands for "carbon copy." BCC stands for "blind carbon copy."


When you use CC, you are sending a copy of the email to a second person, in addition to the primary recipient. When you BCC someone, the email recipient receives a copy, but no one else can see that she did.


If you want the main recipient of the email to see that another person also saw the email, use the CC field. If you want more than one person to see the email, but do not want to main recipient to know, use the BCC field.


Do not CC or BCC someone on an email unless it is necessary for her to see it.


Double check that you used the right field. It is easy to CC someone when you meant to BCC them.

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