What Does Quad Core Processor Mean?

Quad core processor refers to a computer central processing unit or CPU that has four distinct processing cores contained in a single physical chip; quad core processors can allow a computer to perform more calculations simultaneously.

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The purpose of quad core processors is to pack more processing power into a small space.


Quad core processors can result in increased computing speeds, especially when performing tasks that require a large number of raw calculations such as graphical rendering and data compression.


Many programs are not written to fully utilize the power of quad core processors; the benefits of quad core processors may not be noticeable for average computer users currently, but this may change in the future as programmers learn to better utilize multiple cores.


Quad core processors do not run four times faster than single core processors; a 2ghz single core CPU and a 2ghz quad core will complete a single calculation at around the same speed. The difference is that the quad core will be able to perform four times as many tasks at that speed than the single core CPU.


Since computer technology changes rapidly, there will likely be CPUs with more than four cores produced in the future.