What Is a BBM PIN?

By Paul Higgins

The BlackBerry personal identification number is a feature that allows you to communicate with other BlackBerry owners by using a dedicated application, the BlackBerry Messenger. Preinstalled on all BlackBerry phones, this proprietary application allows you to participate in real-time conversations with business contacts or friends.


BlackBerry is the brand name of a series of smartphones produced by Research in Motion Limited. While most modern smartphones tend to cater to casual users looking for multimedia or gaming applications, BlackBerry phones are geared toward customers searching for constant connectivity. For this reason, BlackBerry phones are particularly common in the corporate world, allowing employees to stay in touch with their managers or customers while on the go.

BlackBerry PIN

During production, a unique number is assigned to each BlackBerry device. This eight-figure number, known as the BlackBerry PIN, identifies your device when using applications such as BlackBerry Messenger or push email. You can find your BlackBerry's PIN by selecting "Options" in the main menu and clicking on "Status." Another option is to call your cell phone carrier's customer support department and ask a representative to identify your BlackBerry PIN for you. It is worth noting that BlackBerry owners cannot manually change their device's PIN.

BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM, is an application that allows you to interact with other BlackBerry owners. Unlike other messaging solutions such as text messages, BlackBerry Messenger uses a regular mobile Internet connection to transmit free messages between compatible devices. In addition to text messaging, BlackBerry Messenger users can also participate in group chats, send files to each other, and share pictures or movies in real time. It is, however, worth noting that BlackBerry Messenger only allows you to communicate with other BlackBerry phones.

Using a BlackBerry PIN

BlackBerry Messenger allows you to add a contact by using the BlackBerry PIN instead of a user's name or email address. You can add contacts in BlackBerry Messenger by selecting "Invite to BBM," typing the BlackBerry PIN of your contact and pressing the "Send" button. After that contact has approved your invitation, you are able to invite him to participate in chat sessions or to use other BlackBerry Messenger features.