What Is a Duvet Sham?

When shopping around for bedding, you will likely come across the words duvet cover and sham. There is some confusion, as different manufacturers have their own definitions of what duvets and shams are.

A matching duvet and pillow sham are sold in a package.


A duvet or comforter is a bed covering that is filled with fiber or down feathers. The bed cover is fitted and encased in a cloth case or cover.

Pillow Sham

The original sham is an envelope-like cloth structure that has a slit opening at the center back area. A bed pillow is inserted into the sham.

Duvet Sham

The duvet sham is a cover that is made using an envelope-style enclosure that replicates a pillow sham. The duvet is inserted into the sham, which has no button or zipper closures.