What Is a Facebook Secret Group?

No matter how many people you connect with on Facebook, there are bound to be times when you want to interact with only a specific group of friends. Use a Facebook secret Group to start a closed discussion space for these special contacts. You can still enjoy the benefits of the various sharing tools on Facebook -- but without the unwanted exposure.

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A Facebook Group provides a place for members to get together based on shared interests or connections. Group members can start discussions and polls; share pictures, videos and documents; plan events; and add other people to the Group. Unlike Facebook Pages, which can only be made by authorized representatives of a person or other entity, anyone can start a Group. There are three kinds of Groups distinguished by their access levels: open, closed and secret.


As the term implies, an open Group is openly accessible to everyone on Facebook -- even to those who are not members of that Group. All content and the member list are visible to anyone browsing the Group page, which can appear in searches. With a closed Group, only members can see the content, but the name and members of the Group are still publicly viewable. A secret Group is the most restricted: no one outside of that Group can see anything about it; the Group does not appear in either search results or its members' profiles.


A Facebook secret Group is ideal for small groups of people who want to share and connect privately, such as family members, project team members and close friends. If you frequently share content with a specific group of Facebook friends, start a Group. Instead of customizing the privacy for each post, click the Group's name and share. You automatically become the admin of a Group that you create. You will be able to approve new members, change Group settings and ban certain users.


Members of a Facebook Group can add their friends to that Group even if it is a secret Group. However, an admin can remove or ban an existing member. For advertisers, note that you cannot advertise closed or secret Groups on Facebook due to their restricted access levels. You can advertise only open Groups.


To change your Group's access level to secret, click the name of that Group on the left side of the Facebook home page. Click "Edit Group" on the right when the Group page loads. On the "Basic Information" page, click the button next to "Privacy." Choose "Secret." and click "Save Changes."

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