What Is a Mac SMC Update?

A Mac SMC update, or System Management Controller update, provides an update to the firmware used in Apple's Macintosh computers that use Intel processors. The SMC controls power and mechanical functions on a Macintosh.

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Power Functions

The SMC unit on a Mac controls things such as the fans and the Sudden Motion Sensor, which is used in laptops to protect the hard drive if the computer is dropped. It also controls the power, battery and overall energy management of the computer.

Computers Needing the SMC Update

Seven different kinds of Macintosh computers use an SMC, and 44 different types of these computers are affected by the latest SMC firmware update. For a complete list, visit http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1237

Where To Download The SMC Update

Download the actual SMC update here: http://support.apple.com/downloads/#smc. Find your specific computer and click the link to retrieve the right update for your computer.

Why The Recent SMC Update?

The SMC update released by Apple was designed to resolve issues with the boot-up process. Since the SMC controls components like the power, it plays a crucial role in powering up a computer.

Other SMC Updates

Other types of SMC updates are available to download on the Internet. These updates allow users to control the speed of the computer's fans, which can make the computer run faster because of the cooler temperature.