What Is a PIX or FLIX Message?

A PIX or FLIX message is a convenient way to share memories with your friends and family. Depending on your Verizon Wireless service plan, you may incur a charge for using the PIX feature on your mobile phone. Contact the service provider if you are unsure of whether it is included in your plan.

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Only device-capable phones can use PIX messaging.
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PIX/FLIX Messaging

PIX and FLIX messaging is the picture and video messaging services offered through Verizon Wireless. Customers who subscribe to a data plan on their phone receive the features as part of the monthly plan. Messages can be sent to the customer's 10-digit mobile number from another mobile phone or to an email address. The email address is the customer's 10-digit mobile number followed by “@vzwpix.com.” If a customer does not subscribe to PIX and FLIX messaging and receives a message, he will be charged a small fee for receiving the message.

PIX Place

Pictures sent to and from a Verizon Wireless phone are stored through an online service known as PIX Place. The online service stores the pictures and allows users to create online photo albums. Customers can also send pictures directly from the online account. Registration and an active Verizon Wireless account are required to use the service. Picture, video and audio file formats can be sent directly from PIX Place to other Verizon subscribers.

Acceptable Formats

PIX messages sent through a Verizon Wireless phone can be in various file formats including JPEG, GIF and BMP. A customer can even send videos and audio files from the phone. File formats for videos and audio include MPEG4, 3GP and MIDI files. Customers can send PIX messages to most major carriers including Sprint, AT&T Wireless and MetroPCS customers. The size of the messages sent are limited based on the recipient's carrier.

Ordering Prints

Verizon customers can order prints of pictures sent and received through PIX messaging. The pictures are available through participating retailers. Pictures can be picked up from the retailer or sent by mail. A credit or debit card is required for all orders that are fulfilled by mail. If pictures are picked up from the store, pickup options include one hour and same day. All orders must be processed through PIX Place.