What Is a Proxy Account?

On some intranet networks, it is only possible to connect to the Internet via a proxy server. Internet users can use proxy server accounts to log on to websites that they may not have access to. Proxy accounts are popular with Web users who need to access information from a banned website.

You can use proxy servers to access blocked websites.

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A proxy server account serves as a link between websites and Web browsers. Some Internet browsers are set up to use a proxy account as opposed to logging on to websites without deviation. Some companies use proxy servers to prohibit staff from gaining access to undesirable Web information.


A network can be configured so a user has to go through a proxy server to access the Internet. Only users that are authorized to access the proxy account can go online.


Networks can be set up so that they are controlled by proxy servers so certain sites -- such as popular social networking sites, for example -- can be blocked.

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