What Is a Search Conduit?

If your Web browser is constantly redirecting to Search.conduit.com without your consent, your computer is infected with the Search Conduit browser hijacker. Search Conduit is a malware program that modifies registry entries and attempts to steal vital information such as credit card data by redirecting searches to Search.conduit.com. Search Conduit promotes malicious activity, so to avoid damage to your computer and its files, remove it quickly and safely.


The Search Conduit malicious browser hijacker secretly installs on your computer without your consent. It usually installs when you download video codecs and ActiveX updates. It also spreads through adult websites. Search Conduit also goes by other names, such as feed.ndot.com, findsoul.info, search.good-search.net and bee-find.com.


Search Conduit is primarily designed to reconfigure settings for browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer. Once reconfigured, Search Conduit redirects searches performed on popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo to Search.conduit.com. Search Conduit opens ports that drop additional malware onto an infected computer and affects DLL files used to improve a program's functionality.


If your browser keeps redirecting to Search.conduit.com, run antivirus and anti-spyware scans to remove Search Conduit and related browser hijackers. To increase the chance of detection, update your security programs virus or spyware definition list before running system scans. In addition, run weekly scans to improve computer and online security. Manually removing Search Conduit and related malware is difficult because they hide in system folders and the registry, so using a security program is a safer alternative.


To avoid accidentally downloading Search Conduit and other malware, download content such as video codecs and programs from trusted sites. Some sites, especially those that promote pirated software, secretly package downloads with Trojans and spyware that cause computer problems.