What Is a Tablet PC Used for?

Tablet PCs allow users to perform pen computing tasks, a distinctive type of operation used in many niche marketplaces. While regular computing tasks are also accessible from Tablet PC interfaces, they are not focal selling points for most users. Though early pen computing devices suffered sluggish sales, Tablet PCs are becoming increasingly popular as they are adapted for use in many situations.

Medical Uses

Tablet PCs are used in medical offices for keeping electronic charts. The convenient digital format makes the charts available on a wide network for easy viewing and back-up purposes.

Artistic Uses

Tablet PCs are frequently used for artistic purposes because users are able to literally draw on the PC’s surface. The digital format of such drawings allows for customization and digital manipulation by skilled artists.

Educational Uses

Teachers can write on the Tablet PC and have it displayed to the class via projection screen, all while never turning from the students or missing a beat in the lecture.

Business Uses

Regularly used for business-related endeavors, Tablet PCs allow users to email, sign and store digital contracts.

Web Uses

Tablet PCs offer many of the same amenities as traditional PCs, including Internet. With a Tablet PC, users are able to handwrite blogs or chat posts, a convenient alternative for many writers and web-junkies.

Gaming Uses

With fast Internet access, Tablet PCs can also be used for pen-based gaming similar to that of the popular pen-based Nintendo DS.