What Is a Wrench Menu in Chrome?

The Wrench menu in Google Chrome lets you tailor the Web browser to your specifications. You can change a variety of your browser's settings, including the home page, zoom settings, view your history or a number of other settings. The Wrench menu is located in the upper-right corner of the Web browser and features a wrench icon.

Google Chrome gives users control over a number of settings.

Incognito Window

An incognito window does not record any type of browsing history while you surf the Internet. This means that anyone who uses your computer and opens Google Chrome to browse the Web will not be able to view any of your previous browsing history while you were using an incognito window.


This option lets you personalize Google Chrome to your specifications. You can elect to view the Google home page, the Web pages you were visiting last or any specific pages, which will be opened in multiple tabs. You can also change your search engine or elect to set up Google Chrome as your default Web browser.

New Window or Tab

Elect to open a new window if you feel like you have too many tabs open in your current window or use multiple windows to avoid getting confused between windows. Also, open new tabs within a window so you can easily switch between different screens so you don't have to navigate to different Web pages in one tab.

Additional Options

You can use wrench menu to view and delete specific aspects of your browsing history or your bookmarks. You can zoom in and out of Web pages or print a specific screen. Also, you can see a list of your downloads, search Web pages for specific text or see what version of the Google Chrome browser you are using.