What Is an Easy Transfer USB Cable?

The Easy Transfer Cable is a unique kind of USB cable meant to connect two computers to each other via their USB ports. It works with Windows' Easy Transfer utility to move files from one computer to another.

The Easy Transfer Cable, part of the USB family


In order to work, the computers attached to each other by the Easy Transfers Cable must use Windows and have the Easy Transfer utility installed. Fortunately, the cable should come packaged with the driver disc needed to install the utility.


Easy Transfer is a standard feature for Windows 7, and it can be installed in systems using Windows XP and Windows Vista. Older systems, however, will not be compatible, nor will computers using a non-Windows operating system ( such as Macs or Linux).


The time needed to transfer files from one computer to another via the Easy Transfer Cable depends on the amount of data being transferred. If the overall size of the files is large, then the process will take longer than it would for a smaller data transfer.