What Is Bluetooth Technology?

By Chris Yokum

PDAs, mobile phones, and computers are extremely important devices that keep our work and personal lives productive. Managing all of these devices can sometimes become a difficult process when you must connect them to cables. Before you realize it, there are cables all over the place and it turns into one large mess. However, Bluetooth technology can help make your electronic life simpler and much easier.


Bluetooth technology is used as a communication method between mobile devices and various other electronics. It eliminates the need for laying cables. Bluetooth devices are able to network wirelessly within a fixed range of distance. Some of the most common types of devices that use Bluetooth technology to communicate within a WiFi network include computers, printers, mobile phones, and audio players.


Most of the devices that have built-in Bluetooth features can be wirelessly controlled. For example, hands-free headsets and mobile phones can work in sync with one another. You'll be able to answer an incoming phone call on your headset by just pushing a button on it. Your mobile phone can remain in your bag during your entire conversation. Wireless keyboards and mice can also be used to control a computer away from the desktop. Navigate through various applications while sitting on your sofa instead of an office chair.


Although Bluetooth technology provides wireless access to many devices, the feature can be difficult to work with at times. Depending on the type of Bluetooth devices you're using, the entire process of pairing them with each other may be a long and tiresome experience. Occasionally, Bluetooth devices will lose sync with their partnered device. If this happens, you'll need to take the steps to get them to recognize each other again.


When using Bluetooth technology with your personal electronic devices, make sure they're secure. In the beginning stages of setting up the Bluetooth connection and pairing them with each other, turn on a password initiated feature. This will prevent unauthorized access to your device. It's also a good idea to completely turn off the Bluetooth feature when you're not using it.


Use Bluetooth adapters for older electronic devices to convert them into a wireless device. Eliminate a cluttered mess of wires and neaten up your work space with Bluetooth technology. If you own a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone or PDA, use this feature to quickly communicate important information to others. Exchange contact information and photos by transferring or receiving the data via Bluetooth technology. Once you gain access to a computer, just sync the information to keep your information updated and current.

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