What Is Client ID on the iPod Touch?

Apple’s iPod Touch has the ability to connect to a wireless fidelity or Wi-Fi network, if one is available. When you first set up your iPod, Apple requires that you create a user ID, also known as the Apple ID, which usually consists of your email address. To use the Wi-Fi functions on the iPod or to join a closed network, you will need to know the “Client ID” of the network on which you desire to log-on.


Closed Wi-Fi Network

To log on to a closed Wi-Fi network using your iPod Touch, tap the “Settings” icon on your iPod’s touch screen and then select Wi-Fi. After this selection the iPod will prompt you to “Ask to Join Networks,” tap to continue. Tap the “>” button next to the network you wish to join. Some Wi-Fi networks require you to enter the “Client ID” of the network or its static IP address to continue. Ask the closed network administrator exactly which settings to use to access the network. This may also require the use of a password, available from the administrator as well.

Disabling the Network

If you choose not to use that network, in the future, the iPod, depending on the model and the operating software, will allow you to disable that network. After accessing the “Settings” icon, select “Wi-Fi.” Tap the “>” button and select “Forget This Network.” This function prevents that network from coming up in future uses of the iPod.

Adjusting Network Settings

To adjust the network settings for your iPod Touch, access the “Settings” icon on the touch screen by tapping it. Select “Wi-Fi” by tapping it and then tap on the “>” button next to the Network that you wish to configure or adjust. This will allow you to change the client ID or the IP address if necessary.

Other Features

If you have the iPod Touch Fourth generation model, multiple features are available to you. When you know a person’s Apple ID, you can connect with them via the iPod Touch when using the Wi-Fi technology. The iPod Touch also has FaceTime, a video service that allows you to visually see and communicate with other Apple users with these features.