What Is InstallIQ Updater?

When looking through the list of installed programs on your computer, you may have noticed an entry labeled "InstallIQ Updater." If you take a closer look at this program, which you probably installed without even realizing it, you will notice that it also launches itself every time you boot your computer. As with all unknown applications, learning more about this program might help you decide whether you want to keep it on your machine or uninstall it.


InstallIQ is an application installer which allows software developers to get paid by displaying ads to the end-users during the installation process. If you download a program that has been bundled with that installer, InstallIQ will automatically install itself on your computer in addition to installing the main application you wanted to use. A separate process, known as "InstallIQ Updater" will then run in the background to, for example, check for updates and ask you to rate the program you downloaded.


Two separate IT security companies, MalwareBytes and ByteHero, have classified InstallIQ Updater as malware. Fortunately, should you be concerned about any threat posed by InstallQ to your computer, uninstalling it using Windows' "Uninstall a Program" feature should completely remove it from your machine.