What Is Laser Paper?

By Melly Parker

Laser paper is a product familiar to most office employees. Though basic copy paper works well for many tasks, it is not well suited to the electrostatic image transfer of a laser printer. Laser paper is made to pick up a laser-generated image.


Laser paper is smooth, and it picks up and retains very little moisture. It usually comes in paper-bound bundles of 500 sheets. Laser paper is commonly found in offices, business supply stores and educational settings. The most common size for precut laser paper is 8.5 inches by 11 inches.


Laser paper is made to work with laser printers specifically, and it is also suited for use with office equipment such as fax machines and copiers. When an image is copied to the inner drum of a laser printer and transferred to the page electrostatically, laser paper, because of its smooth surface and lack of moisture, is better able to pick up that image than regular paper. Laser paper gives print a clear background, which helps copies maintain clarity.


Basic laser paper is glossy and bright, but you can also get less glossy paper, brighter paper or darker paper. Waterproof laser paper is available if you wants to protect documents better. Laser paper is offered in a variety of colors, and some types are advertised to work better than others for printing photographs. Retailers offer laser paper in various sizes, depending on whether you want to print basic documents, brochures or posters.

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