What Is McAfee Agent?

The McAfee Agent is a software program that is located in the Windows taskbar when the McAfee McAfee Security Center software suite has been installed. The McAfee Agent is set to load when a computer starts up so it does not need to be started manually. The McAfee Agent includes features such as a virus scan and firewall as well as the ability to get updates automatically.


The McAfee Agent is placed on the taskbar when the McAfee Security Suite or McAfee Internet Security has been installed on a computer. The McAfee Agent offers quick access to specific functions instead of opening the full Protection Center program. Once the McAfee Agent has been installed it will show up in the taskbar with the letter M.


When the McAfee Agent is running properly it will have a red icon displayed. When the McAfee Agent has been disable a gray icon will be displayed. A gray icon will appear when Windows first starts and should turn to red once all of the needed services have been loaded. If a service fails to load correctly the McAfee Agent will not be available to use.


The options available for the McAfee Agent can be found by right clicking on the icon that is located in the taskbar. This will display the context menu that will have various options such as opening running specific functions or viewing the full Protection Center. The context menu provides a quick way to view or load McAfee products that have been installed.


One of the services that is accessed by the Mcafee Agent is called SiteAdvisor. McAfee SiteAdvisor is antiphishing protection for internet browsers. SiteAdvisor will work on Firefox as well an Internet Explorer. When SiteAdvidor is turned of from the McAfee Agent it will add a tool bar to the browser that will indicate a potential phishing site.

Protection Center

The McAfee Agent provides access to the Protection Center in order to make specific changes to settings for various McAfee Products. While the Mcafee Agent provides some options the Protection Center is where all of the main changes are made.