What Is Megabyte Usage in Verizon?

A megabyte (MB) is unit of measurement for data. Whenever you transfer information to your phone while Web browsing, downloading, emailing or using other advanced features, you are using data. Verizon Wireless offers data package add-ons with their wireless service that are separate from their standard voice and text plans.

Verizon calculates MB usage when you browse the Web or send emails and text messages.


MB usage with Verizon is determined by the amount of data your phone has transfered. Keep in mind that all data is not the same, and Verizon only charges for MB usage in certain situations. Some smart phones may even use data when they make phone calls. Data usage may also apply when you access the Internet or send picture messages. However, some phones can perform the same functions without incurring data usage. To find out what services will incur MB usage, read your phone manual and service contract, or contact Verizon by dialing 611 from your wireless phone.

Data Plans

While some people will never worry about MB usage, the term has become common for smartphone and feature phone users. Subscribers with high-end phones are encouraged to sign up for a data plan to prevent per-use data charges. There are only two data packages offered by Verizon as of September 2010: 25 MBs per month and Unlimited.


Smartphones with Verizon service require the unlimited data package. This plan costs $29.99 per month in addition to the cost of your calling plan, as of September 2010. Multimedia phones require at least the 25 MB data plan, which costs $9.99 per month. Feature phones do not require a data package; however, you may still subscribe to either of the above packages or simply sign up for a "Talk and Text" plan. Keep in mind, however, that 5 MB of data on a per-use plan costs as much as the 25 MB data package.


Verizon estimates that sending one text email will use about 20 KB, downloading one song will use 3 MB and a one minute visit to Youtube will use 4 MB.