What Is Microsoft Office Used For?

Microsoft Office Suite comprises five or more individual software packages, depending on the version purchased. All of these programs are aimed at simplifying office and in some cases home tasks to make creating, organizing and processing information easier. In terms of use, Outlook (email) and Word (word processing) probably are the main components for many, but the other applications also provide considerable functionality in their respective areas.


Microsoft Outlook is more than an email program. It allows the user to manage tasks, schedule meetings, appointments and other events, organize and track contact and client information and record information in a daily journal.


Microsoft Word is used to write and edit documents—from short memos to books. It falls in the general category of word processing software, replacing old-style typing text on a typewriter.


Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software program. It allows the user to track, calculate and make projections using numerical data for analysis of business and home operations.


Individuals giving presentations use Microsoft PowerPoint to incorporate data and graphical information into a slideshow for projection to audiences either in person or over the Web.


Home users or corporate organizations use Microsoft Publisher to create print or electronic publications of many kinds, including award certificates, banners, brochures, calendars, greeting cards, labels, newsletters, paper folding projects, signs and even websites.

Other Office Products

Other Microsoft Office products available either as stand-alone software or part of the more expensive versions of Office include Access (database), Accounting, InfoPath (forms creation), OneNote (note-taking) and Visio (diagram creation).