What Is NTLDR Missing?

If you see an error on your computer screen that says, "NTLDR is missing" shortly after you power on, there is a problem with the way your computer is booting up.

An NTLDR Missing Error tells you that it is time to troubleshoot your operating system.

What is NTLDR?

NT Loader (NTLDR) is a software program that helps your computer's operating system start. If your computer says the NTLDR is missing, then your computer is trying to boot up from a non-bootable source, or a drive that does not have the NTLDR software. Examples of non-bootable drives include CD or DVD drives and flash drives. To fix this error, remove these drives and then reboot your computer. Also check the boot order in your Basic Input Output System (BIOS) to make sure your computer is starting properly.

What is BIOS?

BIOS is software that instructs your computer on basic functions, such as boot order, keyboard control and even the fan speed of your computer's cooling unit. If you get an NTLDR error, check your BIOS utility to make sure your computer is booting up from the right location.

Other Causes of NTLDR Errors

Loose cables inside your computer housing, corrupted files and damaged hard drives also will prompt an NTLDR error. If you continue to receive this error after booting up a few times, consult with a computer repair professional to troubleshoot this problem.