What Is Photoshop Software?

In the graphic design industry several tools are used to edit and create various types of media. One of the most famous and widely used tools of the trade is Adobe Photoshop software. Through the growth and development of the software, the significance of the program and its impact on the design community have also grown. The program's function and features lend to its usefulness and benefits.


Thomas Knoll created the first version of Photoshop in 1987 to display gray-scale images. He later turned it into a larger-scale program. In 1988 he demonstrated the program for Adobe. Adobe purchased the rights to Photoshop in the same year and Thomas Knoll continued to write code for the first official release. In 1990, Adobe released Adobe Photoshop 1.0 exclusively for Macintosh.


Adobe Photoshop has grown into one of the most widely used photo editing programs in the graphic design industry. All major printers, designers and publishers work with file types exported by Photoshop. Due to its entire suite of products that work together, Photoshop has become an industry standard.


Photoshop's primary use and function is a photograph and image editor. Photoshop supports a wide range of files in order to achieve this function. The software allows a designer to alter a photo and touch up images either fully created digitally or taken with a camera.


Photoshop is integrated into Adobe's suite of media software to increase the power of all programs within the suite. This allows items to be transferred between programs quickly and efficiently. In addition to the built-in integration with other Adobe software, Photoshop has many pre-built tools to help a designer achieve a needed or wanted effect. These tools are known as filters and are powerful enough to allow a designer to change the appearance of a photo by adjusting filter settings that alter the appearance of each filter. Newer versions of Photoshop have introduced tools to work with 3D applications.


By using Photoshop, designers ensure that they are following a design standard and also ensuring that the formats they create with their artwork will adhere to the various needs of the many facets of the design industry. Photoshop supports many file types and can edit any image that it can open. Photoshop gives the benefit of years of development and hundreds of tools to aid a designer in creating a work.