What Is Readiris Pro?

By Faith Davies

Eliminating paper records is a way for companies and small businesses to conserve space, be "green" and make documents easily available for all authorized employees. There are a number of software programs available to help eliminate paper records, including Readiris Pro.


Readiris Pro is an OCR or optical character recognition software program developed by the Belgian software technology company I.R.I.S.


As an OCR program, Readiris Pro allows users to save a digital copy of a text-based paper document to a computer, using a device known as a scanner.


If the text of a document is scanned without optical character recognition software, users can only view the document as if it were an image. Readiris Pro enables businesses to transfer all of their paper documents to a digital format that has the potential for both editing and easy searching


Readiris Pro is available in both Mac and Windows-based versions. There are also editions that recognize Arabic or Asian characters rather than the Roman alphabet.


In 2009, the cost of Readiris Pro was $129 for the English language Windows or Mac-based versions when purchased directly from the manufacturer. Corporate versions that allow the program to be run on multiple computers and those for other writing systems ranged in price up to around $500.