What Is Rundll32.exe

By Contributing Writer

Computer safety has become an inevitable part of computing. Why would anyone spend thousands on a sophisticated computer system, then allow it to be easily infested and damaged by malicious programs. While rundll32.exe files have legitimate uses, these program types are often targeted by computer scam artists and fraudsters bent on either causing havoc to your system or aiming to steal some of your secrets. Learn about the rundll32.exe file types and how to remove the copycat imitation files from your computer.

What is Rundll32.exe?

Rundll32.exe files ("dll" is an acronym for Dynamic Link Library) are storage programs that are found in application files often used in the storage of executable applications. These files may be accessed from many types of applications. The rundll32.exe programs are often used in launching some of the functions that are already stored inside your computer.

How Safe Are Rundll32.exe Files?

These kinds of files are valid programs associated with windows programs. Under normal circumstances, they pose no treats to the computer owner. They are originally stored at the following address: \Windows\System32\rundll32.exe. Nevertheless, these files are often duplicated by imitators with bad intentions. These days virus programs could be made through imitating other well-known applications as a way to conceal them among the trusted application programs.

Spyware Adaptation in Rundll32.exe

Spyware program creators have used rundll32.exe application files to manufacture its lookalike files, often stored in different directories from the original path of the trusted file. By doing this, these bad files are disguised within the original files and could be used to infect computers with viruses and spyware programs.

Removing the Spyware Rundll32.exe

If you detect that your system has been infected with any malicious programs, you need to remove these programs immediately before they cause further damage to your files and other programs. It is wise to do a computer security scam often. Some computer security systems, such as Norton anti-virus program or MacAfee, are equipped with capabilities to identify, quarantine or totally delete these bad files from your system.

What About Rundll32.exe Errors?

Sometimes your Windows program is unable to respond to the request to access your rundll32.exe files. This error could result from simple corruption or at times missing rundll32.exe applications. On other occasions, the error messages could be caused by the rundll32.exe virus. Also, some error messages could come from malicious or spyware infestation. All error messages such as this should be immediately investigated by running a security check on your system. If you have a good security program installed, such as the ones discussed in Section 4, it will pick up any of these malicious programs and remove them from your computer.