What Is Shockwave?

Shockwave was developed by the company Macromedia in the final quarter of 1995. The technology allows users to create interactive games and applications for visitors of websites to utilize and enjoy without the complications of downloading and installing.


Shockwave technology allows for the creation of deep, versatile environments for Internet users to interact within.


The main drawback of using Shockwave is that it requires the visitor to install additional software for it to function. The additional pieces of software required are referred to as "plug-ins," and typically include Active-X controls.


"GIF" animations are a viable alternative for games and applications that use simple animation. Visitors do not have to install additional software in order to interact with GIF animations. JavaScript and Java are additional alternatives.


It is most beneficial for website owners to utilize Shockwave for applications that require detailed navigation. Shockwave has also proven beneficial for creating interactive testing and training courses.


Creating Shockwave files requires the program Director. Games and applications are created in Director and later compressed into the smaller Shockwave file size.